The Vixens of Vintage Edmonton

Thank you Edmonton! vix1

Well this past weekend was a whirlwind! I had the absolute pleasure of joining The Vixens of Vintage in Edmonton once again, and it did not disappoint. Candace, gives it her all and puts on an outstanding show! We were all blown away by how many people came through the doors this weekend. The outpouring support was so apparent and so appreciated! Thank you thank you thank you!

I’m sharing a couple lovely snapshots of my booth this weekend. I love to weave vintage and contemporary elements together in my work, and so I brought a variety of prints, watercolours, vintage goodies and original mixed media artwork. The Prince of Wales Armories is such a unique venue, I just love it. I joined over 70 wonderful local artists & makers. There was so much to see: original art, vintage goods, vintage and re-purposed clothing, homemade treats, refinished furniture, home decor, and more. I am in awe of how uniquely talented and hardworking Alberta’s creative community is!  I, myself, came home with a car full of fresh cookies (Milk & Cookies Bakeshop) and the most beautiful handmade wool (Allison Barnes Collection). There is always something for everyone.

I admit this past week I have been in full recovery mode, the time change hasn’t helped. Thankfully, I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on this experience and overall, I am once again astonished at how much lovesweat, blood and tears goes into each event.

As a vendor, you spend months and months endlessly creating, packaging, pricing, packing, promoting and prepping. Its hard to image how many hours are actually put into it all, because I couldn’t begin to count. When you love what you do, you just do it. Days off, evenings, weekends, breaks at work – you do it all until the last minute, when finally you have to pack up the car and head off to the event. Then you sweat it out unpacking and setting up – making sure everything is ready and perfect. “Did I forget anything? Am I ready? Can I do this?” You get up early for last minute booth tweaks, and once the market starts its all a bit of a blur. It’s time to network, present your goods, promote your hard work, and put your game face on! You laugh, you smile, you talk non stop, you sell, you try to sneak a bite of food, you meet new faces, you try to remember everyone’s name, and you absolutely feel the love when friends or family stop by to show their support. It’s beyond fun, it’s exhilarating, it’s exhausting, it’s terrifying, it’s stressful, it’s pressure. It a little bit of everything all at once, and your body is just trying to make sense of what is happening. Then before you know it, the event is done, and you are wrapping and packing everything up and hauling everything into the car, mulling over the best way to puzzle everything back in. “How did I get it all in before? How is it that I have less.. but it barely fits?” And on your drive home your adrenaline starts to crash, and you are contemplating the entire experience and your existence on this planet.  “What worked, what didn’t work, what sold, what can I do next time, who am I, what am I doing with my life?” Etc, etc, etc.

And the somewhere along the lines, on my journey home, I think to myself: “Alright lets do it again, when is the next event?”


Where can you find me next?

April 15+16,2016: Encore Art Sale + Celebration of Creative Expression, Lacombe Memorial Centre, Lacombe, Alberta

April 22+23, 2016: The Vixens of Vintage Market, Bowness Community Centre Main Hall, Calgary, Alberta



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