Travel Kingston

Kingston is that one place I don’t know how I never knew about until recently. If it isn’t on your radar, I encourage you to add it to the list of places to visit.

When I was younger, I spent over a  month road tripping around Ontario with my family, and somehow we completely missed Kingston. (There is just too much to see and do in Ontario!)

Luckily, this March I got to fly out Kingston for the first time. I spent some much needed time with my fella! He’s away for work for a few months, and I was so excited to go visit him! I couldn’t have been happier, or sicker (lame, it’s going around). So I spent over a week exploring Kingston, Canada’s first capital city!  Below I’ve shared some of my highlights. I can’t wait to go back when everything is lush and green, it’ll look very different!

After mulling through all my images I love seeing all the dreamy blues hues and crackling textures. It was not hard to love or be inspired by this place.

photo 3 (7)

Kingston is old. It’s full of history, museums, antiques, and incredibly beautiful crumbling buildings. Bless Andy’s soul for not telling me to be quiet as I repeated “wow” “woww” “wowww” as we passed each and every building, everyday. What can I say, I loved everything. If it’s got a story and it’s falling apart and decaying, I’m going to freak out and love it. Thanks Mom.

Kingston is home to Canadian Force Base Kingston and the Royal Military College, Queens University and St Lawrence College, so it’s booming with cultural diversity and adorable surrounding communities! The city is nestled right on Lake Ontario, with a variety of marinas, ferries, islands and cool forts. We visited Wolfe Island, and found ourselves a little piece of beach heaven. 

Its also an art lover’s paradise. I was in my glory. Martello Alley, Kingston Glass Studio + Gallery,  Muse Gallery, Studio 22, to name a few of my favourites (there are even more). There are endless unique and quirky galleries, with a wide range of artists and creative mediums. I was a busy bee networking and meeting new artists. It was so refreshing and inspiring. 

It’s also a foodies paradise, boasting over 200-plus restaurants, it’s said to be the highest number per capita in Canada. I ate so much of everything: mussels, pizza, crepes, coffees, eggs benny. There also seems to be an adorable stone church on every street corner, I love all this city’s character. It felt like I was right in Europe. Oh and it brags to have 9 prisons so you can bet your ass you’ll see some colorful characters.

Overall, Kingston is a vibrant city, one that offers something for everyone. I look SO forward to heading back for an upcoming painting residency this September. 




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