Paint Night Out! (Floral)

Hello everyone! Last night I hosted another Paint Night Out at To The Stars. I was so excited about introducing a new image/concept and the whole evening turned out really great! We explored colour theory, acrylic techniques and expressionist painting in art history and contemporary art.

I always provide an original key image and technique(s), but I strongly encourage everyone to take it in any direction they like (colors/composition etc). This, of course, makes for some very unique and exciting results. Like handwriting, we all have our own touch in mark-making and style.

It was wonderful to see a mixture of new and familiar faces! I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who came out last night. Everyone pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and tried something new! You all did SO well! There was a lot of hidden talent shining through, and I enjoyed seeing how everyone translated the image. Well done!!
photo 1 (3).JPG

photo 2 (3).JPG

photo 2 (4).JPG

photo 1 (5).JPG


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