Welcome to The Travelling Artisan!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, my name is Danielle Folkerts, and I am a contemporary visual artist, art educator and an avid traveller, born and raised in central Alberta and currently living in Kingston, Ontario. Ever since I could remember, I’ve always gravitated to the arts: from drawing out home layouts, interior decorating, creative journalling, and scrap-booking, to theater, photography and painting, I sought out any and every creative outlet. So naturally I found myself heading straight into art school after high school. Fast forward, and my formal education includes a Visual Arts Diploma from Red Deer College, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with Distinction, from the Alberta College of Art + Design, majoring in Painting.

My current and ongoing art practice weaves together modern and traditional elements of collage, painting, fibre art and photography. My artwork balances between thoughtfully layered mixed media acrylic paintings, dreamy minimalist watercolours and delicately woven wall hangings. It is an open platform to explore and discuss a multitude of subjects such as: local landscapes, travel and culture, interior design, art therapy and abstraction found in nature and architecture. My experiences travelling have influenced my art in every way. I draw inspiration from the rich colors, textures and patterns I find  in the jungle, the ocean and the mountains, or when I stumble into a local market, or an old cathedral. My work pulls its energy from human and personal experiences, while its contemporary color palette seeks to sooth and bring forth our own personal stories.

In addition, to passionately pursing my studio practice, you can find me attending local markets around Ontario and Alberta, and showcasing artwork in a number of venues and businesses. I also focus on organizing, developing and instructing unique private and public art classes with local schools, private groups, and community clubs.

So why The Travelling Artisan? Quite simply, I am driven by art inspired travel, and travel inspired art. I strive to create a variety of opportunities to encourage growth and development through creativity and adventure. From my personal experiences: painting in Italy, road-tripping in Scotland, yoga in Costa Rica, hiking in Alberta, diving in the Caribbean, or kayaking around Vancouver Island – I am always inspired by new experiences and people. Right now my favourite thing in the world is scubadiving and you will no doubt see it rippling throughout my newest work. Like travel, art is a wonderful outlet to open oneself to new possibilities. Because, whether you are travelling across the globe, enjoying a visit at your favourite local coffee shop, or trying a painting class for the first time – we all have so many fantastic stories, skills and experiences to share with each other, every single day.

Through The Travelling Artisan I hope to inspire and lead you to live an adventurous and creative life through engaging artwork, personal experience and unique workshops!

I am so appreciative of all of the unending support I receive from all of you, and you all truly inspire me to continue to work harder and harder. I am here to be your creative resource as always. If you have any questions regarding workshops, techniques, markets, travel, you name it – I am more than happy to answer your questions and give you a hand. Thank you!


“So this, I believe, is the central question upon which all creative living hinges: Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?”


“One of my favourite boss babes is @thetravellingartisan. Not only is her artwork amazing, but her business acumen is unbelievable and her heart is so kind.” – Brittany Brander, Bourbon & Honey, 2016

“Danielle Folkerts is a mixed media artist with a true passion for her craft and travel. Her artwork is crafted beautifully and thoughtfully, and I’m happy to have her on the blog this week! Read on to find all about her inspirations, goals, and advice for folks just starting out.” – Makers to Know, WildHumm.com, 2015.

“I’d like to introduce the art, lifestyle and radiant personality of Danielle Folkerts Studio! This person…is an art juggernaut. Currently on a residency in BC (living in a fairy-tale cabin too, no less) she is always on move in the art world. Whether it’s her brilliant watercolours of gems, mountains, or nature, or her extremely popular Little Hoots, or teaching workshops around Central Alberta or hiking or canoeing or travelling or making videos or tabling at art fairs or making the best care packages for her clients, family and friends….I may have already broke my “too wordy goal.”

Suffice to say, there are so many phenomenal things about the Danielle Folkerts Studio. It’s clear as glass she’s doing what she loves and it shines through in all her ventures…But you know what I think is the best thing about Danielle? She’s honest. Her blogs show you exactly what’s going on in her career and how much hard work she puts into this. If you ever feel lost in your practice, read her blog. It’ll remind you of why you’re doing what you love and to always push through.” – Amber Solberg, 2015

“…I have had the pleasure of having a professional working relationship with Miss. Folkerts for the past six years during our studies at Red Deer College and the Alberta College of Art & Design.  Specifically, Danielle and I worked together curating the student exhibition, Marginalia, (2013) and exhibited together in the Illingswork Kerr Gallery for our graduating farewell exhibition, (2013). Danielle is an extremely talented emerging artist, who is respectful, hardworking, professional, and a joy to work with.  Her energy and passion are effusive and anyone who comes in contact with her can only be affected by her zest for the arts. Danielle is a young artist but one who’s body of work shows a depth of maturity and conceptual rich context…” – Brenda Danbrook, 2015

“I absolutely love this painting! It’s wild, colorful, & hints of adventure. The artist is a beautiful soul as well. I highly recommend purchasing from Danielle, simply because so much love & insight is captured within her work. Her work will brighten up your soul & home! ❤️” – Michelle Russo, Etsy, March 2015